Ionizer with a Module MHM305 (BM056E)

The availability of a complete ionizer circuit in a single module greatly facilitates the design of Ionizers, with a minimum of ozone production. Murata has in its product line a small ionizer module which can be used in innovative applications and is available at Mouser  ( ) .

The NHM305 series module by Murata consists of an ionizer which generates 20 million negative ions per second with minimal ozone production (for this purpose there is another product I will discuss in another article - called MNM306).


Its compact design allows its use in a multitude of domestic, medical and health applications.


For example, it can be added to air conditioners, used in cars, unique products for the purpose of controlling allergies.


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In Figure 1 we have a typical application circuit in which a control source is used.





In this application, the controller can be from a simple timer circuit, for example, of automatic trigger at sunset, to a microcontroller for a sophisticated application involving an ion sensor.


The power is made with 12 V and the typical operating current is 50 mA, and the maximum is 130 mA.


The maximum ozone density is 0.14 mg/h being the typical value of 0.04 mf/h.


The device also has a monitoring output with a voltage of 2.5 V (tip).


The devices of the series are given in three versions which differ only in relation to the size of the wires between the ionizing elements and the power supplies.


In Figure 2 we have the way how to measure the amount of ions generated using an ion counter.





The measurement of the amount of generated ions is measured with the arrangement shown in Figure 3.






In an application where a larger quantity of ions is to be generated, several units can be connected in parallel.



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