Bioelectronic Weapons (ART363)

When the subject Sonic Attack took over the press in October 2017, and we even appeared on a TV show giving an interview about what happened then at the American Embassy in Cuba, we soon wonder if this type of weapon is not just the tip of an iceberg in a universe of terrible bioelectrical weapons, that is, involving the direct influence of electronic devices in the human organism. In this article we discuss this possibility a bit.


Translated into English by Patricia Lima Carlos


From long ago comes the knowledge which forms of radiation that cannot be felt by our organs in an intense or cumulative way can have lethal effects on us.

Nature has endowed us with senses that allow us to perceive when some form of ambient radiation surpasses certain levels becoming dangerous for our existence.

We have heat sensors on our skin which warn us (painfully) when we touch a warm body. We have ears that alert us when the intensity of a sound becomes too great to cause us problems, and our eyes warn us when there is too much light, which could cause us problems.

However, we do not have sensory organs which tell us when the level of atomic radiation (alpha, beta or gamma particles), electromagnetic radiation (gamma and X rays or microwaves) and even light (ultraviolet, for example) are in the environment in dangerous intensity.

Even for sounds, we do not have organs which tell us when the level of ultrasound or infrasound in an environment is high.

For all these aggressive forms of energy, we only perceive the danger when the damage has already occurred.

Research shows that in addition to the direct damage that these forms of radiation can cause to the human body, there is still the additional that is produced in a controlled way, can still have dangerous effects to the integrity of the body.

This leads to the possibility of creating terrible weapons, whose action is not noticed by the victims unless it is too late and for which protection is quite difficult.


Low Frequency Sonic and Magnetic Weapons

We have already explored in another article (ART344E - Sonic Attacks) the effects of sonic, ultrasonic and infrasonic waves in the human organism, only dealing with their direct action.

However, this can go further, and in a much more dangerous way.

In an early paper, we deal with the effects that low frequency fields (MA055) can have on the human organism. At the time, we showed that the high voltage transmission lines create magnetic fields of low frequencies which can act on the cells of our body, mainly certain ions.

It was found that calcium and potassium ions resonate at frequencies between 50 and 100 Hz. This means that the frequency of the energy network has a value dangerously close to the resonance of these ions.

We say dangerously because, driven, these ions which are an important part of our body vibrate abnormally and escape from the place where it has catastrophic consequences for the body.

The main point is the presence of these ions in the synapses, that is, the connections of the nerve cells. There has even been a proposal made in Europe to change the frequency of the power grid, as it was believed that disease problems were occurring precisely because of this fact.

Our electrical installations and many appliances which operate connected to the power grid radiate fields of low frequencies that can be dangerous to our health.

But if we take that into account, one can think of using these fields as weapons. More than that, one can determine resonant frequencies of other ions and create specific weapons to cause destruction in our body.

This will be imperceptible, but the consequences in the medium term and depending on the intensity, in the short term will be terrible.

A weapon trah emitts fields or even sounds at potentially dangerous frequencies would have a huge destructive power, affecting only living creatures.

This reminds us of the neutron bomb which does not destroy buildings or houses, but kills all living beings in its range.

A very dangerous weapon associated with resonance may be based on what we published some time ago concerning a discovery announced in a French magazine.

What has been discovered is that fields of certain frequencies can make impermeable membranes permeable.

The research had as a promising point, the fact that it would be possible to make the membrane of a cancer cell permeable to the drugs that would have a much greater action.

The dose could be reduced by hundreds of times, which would eliminate the terrible effects of chemotherapy.

But, in the same way, this effect can be used as a weapon.

A tuned signal at the resonant frequency of membranes of vital organs could induce deadly bleeding into its victims!

We do not know if there is anyone or any country working on such weapons. This type of subject is not disclosed until the moment its presence occurs in some conflict. Terrible, but possible. We must think about defenses.




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