Half Bridge Using Darlington Transistors (MEC121E)

This article was adapted from the book Robotics, Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence (sold out) that I published in the United States. On the site the reader will find several articles in this series with variations of this project and information about the original book.

Less power is necessary to drive the circuit shown in Figure 1, since Darlington transistor have higher gain. This circuit needs currents in the microampere range to drive motors with currents up to a few amperes, depending on the transistors. 

In other articles, we reviewed some Darlington transistors that can be used in this application. The pair TIP110 and TIP115 can be used with motors up to 1 A. In this case, the reference for the control signals is also the ground. A 0.47 ?F capacitor in parallel with the motor can be necessary in some cases. The transistors must be mounted on heat sinks. The table for control logic given in the last block is valid for this block.



Figure 1    Half bridge using Darlington transistors.
Figure 1 Half bridge using Darlington transistors.