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Digital Mixer (CB212E)

A stereo digital mixer using the 4053 is built as shown in figure bellow. The IC must be powered from a symmetrical power supply [+5 V to +15 V and -5 V to - 15 V]. If working with analog signals having amplitudes up to 15 Vpp, Vss = O V, Vdd = 15 V, and Vee = -15 V Kim -No clue what he is saying here. caf The inputs are multiplexed to the output in a frequency determined by the oscillator [4093]. To not generate noise in the output, clocking frequencies must be much higher than the top limit of the audio band. 100 kHz is a suitable value. In some cases, the output signal must be filtered to eliminate the high-frequency components that are produced during the switching process. Remember that this circuit operates with low-level signals from audio sources, such as preamplifiers and transducers. Since the 4051 is formed by two multiplexer/demultiplexers in one package, for stereo applications you will need only one device.





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