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STMicroelectronics LM2904B Low-Power Dual Operational Amplifier
Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions
Maxim Integrated MAX20303 Wearable Power Management Solution
Littelfuse QJxx10 High Temp Alternistor Standard Triacs
Texas Instruments bq25672 3A Buck Battery Charger
Texas Instruments bq7965x Q1 Battery Monitor, Balancer and Protector
TDK InvenSense ICP-10125 Pressure & Temperature Sensor IC
Infineon Technologies 6500V IGBT Modules
Littelfuse LSIC1MO170T0750 N-Channel SiC MOSFET
Infineon Technologies TLE956x DC Motor System ICs
Microchip Technology Gate Drivers
ECS ECX-1637B2 SMD Crystals
KEMET Electronics High-Temperature AEC-Q200 R71H Film Capacitors
Mini-Circuits MDB-54H+ Wideband Double Balanced Mixer
Murata LFL Low-Pass Filters
Advanced Thermal Solutions ATS-HK379-R0 High-Performance Cooler Backing Plate
KEMET Electronics C4AS Power Film Capacitors
TDK InvenSense T3903 Multi-Mode Microphone
Bourns CDDFN6-3312P Surface-Mount TVS Diode Array
NXP Semiconductors TEA2209T Active Bridge Rectifier Controller
Analog Devices Inc. ADRV9004 Dual Narrow/Wideband RF Transceiver
Maxim Integrated MAX25606 6-Switch Matrix Manager for LED Lighting
Texas Instruments TLV3601EVM Comparator Evaluation Module (EVM)
Texas Instruments INA234EVM/INA236EVM Evaluation Modules (EVMs)
Mikroe SiBRAIN for PIC24HJ256GP610
Texas Instruments AWR6843AOPEVM mmWave Sensor Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments TPS25946EVM eFuse Evaluation Board
ON Semiconductor Current Sense Amplifiers
Texas Instruments ADC6120EVM-PDK Audio ADC Evaluation Module
Microchip Technology MCP6006/6R/6U/7/9 Operational Amplifiers
Renesas Electronics RV1S92xxA IC Photocouplers
Littelfuse Solar Inverters & Battery Energy Storage Systems
Seeed Studio TF02-i LiDAR Distance Sensor
Renesas Electronics Motor Control Evaluation System for RAJ306010
GCT (Global Connector Technology) aquanex® Waterproof Connectors
Ohmite TX Thick Film Chip Thermistors
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors KRTB AILMS1 Micro SIDELED® 3806 LED
ABLIC S-5701 B Series Magnetic Sensor ICs
Microchip Technology HV56264 Quad High Voltage Amplifier Array IC
DFRobot Gravity: Speech Synthesis Module
Eaton MOVS2825 & MOVS4032 Metal Oxide Varistors
Abracon ASPIAIG AEC-Q200 Molded SMD Power Inductors
MEAN WELL NTS-750 750W True Sine Wave DC-AC Power Inverters
Littelfuse 456DE Series High Current NANO2® Fuses
Amphenol MCP PCB Antennas
NJR NJU8759A Filterless Class-D Amplifier
NJR NJM17431 Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator
NJR NJW4105 LDO Regulators
Qorvo QPA2513 S-Band 125W GaN Power Amplifier

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