Maxim Integrated MAX40263 Dual Op-Amp


Maxim Integrated MAX40263 Dual Op-Amp is a dual-channel operational amplifier with two channels that can be disabled separately with two individual pins. The MAX40263 is ideal for signal processing applications due to the device's high precision and low-noise CMOS inputs. The MAX40263 self-calibrates on power-up to eliminate the effects of temperature and power supply variation. Each channel of MAX40263 can enter into low-power shutdown mode separately and recover in 30μs. The rail-to-rail input/outputs and low noise of the MAX40263 ensure maximum dynamic range in demanding applications such as 12- to 14-bit SAR ADC drivers. Unlike traditional rail-to-rail input structures, input crossover distortion is absent due to an optimized input stage with an ultra-quiet charge pump. The input offset voltage is as low as 50μV due to the autocalibration performed during power-up. The device also includes a fast-power-on shutdown mode for further power savings.

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