Maxim Integrated MAX22519 Digital Isolator


Maxim Integrated MAX22519 Digital Isolator is a dual-channel digital galvanic isolator with an integrated field-side supply. This digital isolator eliminates the bulky and expensive external isolated power supply when the power demand of the field side is small. The field-side power is supplied by the logic-side using an integrated isolated DC-DC converter. This digital isolator device is available with either push-pull or open-drain outputs and output default states are either logic-high or high impedance. The MAX22519 digital isolator features integrated isolated field-side supply, integrated galvanic digital isolation, integrated surge, and short protection with external. This MAX22519 digital isolator offers 24VAC of short protection, a compact 8-Pin wide-body SOIC package (5.5mm creepage), and 3.5kVRMS isolation voltage for the 60s (VISO). The digital isolator is ideally used in industrial IoT, industrial networking systems, building automation, and medical equipment.

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