Analog Devices Inc. AD4116 Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)

Analog Devices Inc. AD4116 Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) are low power, low noise, and 24-bit sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) ADCs that integrate the proprietary iPassives® technology for precision performance. These ADCs integrate an Analog Front End (AFE) for six fully differential or eleven single-ended, high-impedance (≥10MΩ) bipolar, and ±10V voltage inputs. The additional two differential or four single-ended/pseudo differential direct ADC inputs provide excellent performance at lower input ranges. The AD4116 ADCs feature a maximum-channel scan rate of 12,422SPS (80µs) using a sinc5 + sinc1 filter and 20,618SPS per channel (48µs) using a sinc3 filter. The AD4116 converters operate with a single power supply and make it easy to use in galvanically isolated applications. These AD4116 ADCs are housed in a 40-lead, 6mm x 6mm LFCSP package.

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