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Texas Instruments INA228 Ultra Precise Power Energy andCharge Monitors

Texas Instruments INA228 Ultra Precise Power Energy and Charge Monitors

Texas Instruments INA228 Ultra-Precise Power/Energy/Charge Monitors include a 20-bit delta-sigma ADC and is specifically designed for current-sensing applications. The INA228 measures a full-scale differential input of ±163.84mV or ±40.96mV, across a resistive shunt sense element with common-mode voltage support from –0.3V to +85V. The TI INA228 Ultra-Precise Power/Energy/Charge Monitors report current, bus voltage, temperature, power, energy, and charge accumulation while implementing a precision ±0.5% integrated oscillator, all while performing the needed calculations in the background. The integrated temperature sensor is ±1°C accurate for die temperature measurement and is useful in monitoring the ambient system temperature.

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