Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) MPQ7795 Audio Amplifiers are automotive-grade, low-EMI, differential analog input Class-D audio amplifiers with I2C diagnostics. These audio amplifiers are fully integrated and can drive a mono speaker in a Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) configuration. Using BTL structure, these amplifiers are capable of delivering 24.5W into 4Ω speakers with a 14.4V power supply (PVDD). The MPQ7795 audio amplifiers use class-D architecture but exhibit the high fidelity and efficiency of Class-AB amplifiers. These audio amplifiers integrate a load diagnostic function that detects open load, short load, load-to-GND short, and load-to-PVDD short conditions. This diagnostic works when the device is enabled, which protects the load and the device. The MPQ7795 audio amplifiers are used in automotive e-call systems, telematics systems, infotainment audio, and cluster systems.

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